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One Pill Can Did Kill

About Chase

Chase was a very talented, smart, loving, caring, humorous son, brother, grandson, cousin, and nephew who always brought so much joy wherever he was. As a little kid, he had a passion for Legos and creating videos he would post on his YouTube channel. He had such a vast imagination that kept him busy most of the time. He loved football and was an incredible quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive cornerback. At the age of 14, he was the MVP of a team that won the state championship. He also loved the guitar and quickly mastered it with the skill to play almost any song. He taught himself to play the piano in a very short period. He was popular at school and his peers always looked up to him. By the age of 16, he became fascinated with the study of space and astronomy. He was a passionate young man who was deeply loved by so many and will always be missed. Chase’s time here on earth touched many lives but now he is with the Father in heaven.

A Celebration of Chase’s Life

A Father’s Eulogy

A passage of the wise old soul.

It will always be for an old soul to satisfy the expectations of a new culture because an old soul will always prefer to fall in love with everything that also has an old soul. You will understand and feel the pain of others, you will be generous, giving nonstop to others. No matter what, you won’t ever follow the crowd but you will choose to follow your own path, you will value a deep conversation and a loving hello. You will always be thankful for the simplest pleasures in life. Your vintage soul feels trapped in a young body that struggles to fit in this plastic world. Chase knew he was an old soul as he followed his solitary path seeking spiritual wellness and fulfillment while at the same time becoming increasingly distant from the physical plane. I believe he knew his soul was from the stars in heaven and he was visiting this planet for a while so he could help people listen to their hearts.

For thousands of years, the stars have helped man navigate on earth. I believe Chase was so passionate about space because that was one way he could carefully navigate his life. It was a way to help him make a difference not only to the people he loved but to those he did not know. 

Chase was a keen observer. He knew what people were feeling. He knew how to help in the most unusual circumstances. The gifts he possessed were majestic and to me, unearthly. I often found myself in awe of him and in a fatherly way, I looked up to him. How could he have possibly come from me? This gentle giant was very talented whether it was MVP football state championship or cranking out Beethoven on the piano. He was very competitive and loved to crush his competition, but always helped the defeated to their feet. When Chase entered the room everyone’s head would turn even though he didn’t need the attention. He was so polite and had an unusual sense of gratitude that never had to be taught. He was, and still is a beacon of light to many.

 Chase left me with many wonderful memories that I will never forget. But his passing, although so painful, left me with something that I needed help with. Chase left me the special gift of a stronger faith in God.  His legacy will live on through me with two simple questions I will ask myself; “What would Chase want and what would Jesus do.”  I can go on because I know Chase is with me, with us and he is with the Lord our God and Savior.

Godspeed Chase

Chase Michael Ellison was not a drug addict.  Unlike heroin addicts or regular opioid users who overdose after using for a long period, Chase lost his life in just a few experiments of what he thought was a pharmacy-made prescription of Xanax. On January 23rd, 2021 Chase was staying with his grandparents who were home at the time and found him around 3:00 pm in the guest room, deceased. Had our family known more about the danger and risk of counterfeit prescription drugs containing fentanyl it is very possible this tragic loss could have been prevented.

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